Pro Tips on Protein

We here at B’more Organic are always discussing protein and its benefits for the body. We use casein protein in all of our drinks with 30+ grams of it in each bottle! Since our drink is so protein rich we thought we could give you some info about protein and its common forms.

As anyone with a background in weightlifting and athletics will tell you, protein is key for building and sustaining muscle growth. This super biomolecule is found in food such as meat, certain types of beans, bulking supplements, and your favorite B’more smoothie! The two main types of protein used in products and found in food are whey and casein.

Whey protein, usually used in weightlifting supplements, is the more known of the two. This byproduct of dairy is created after cheese is processed. It has a quick digestive rate that enhances muscle growth quickly, but doesn’t sustain muscle growth over long periods of time.

Casein is a protein with a much longer retention rate than whey, which makes it important for sustained growth! This protein provides a steady flow of amino acids to the bloodstream that lasts hours on end. Studies have also found that it helps prevent enamel erosion in the teeth. It has benefits for those looking to slim up and look sharp for summer. Look into using casein protein for fat loss, shiny teeth, and building gains….casein point!