Cause Marketing Done Right with Amanda Sains

Our Marketing & Operations Director was recently a guest on the Food Marketing Nerds podcast! The podcast is an interview series that talks shop with the best minds in the food and beverage industry.

You’ll learn actionable insights on everything from branding, marketing, and design, to product development and social media from the people who make it happen on a daily basis.

In this episode, Amanda answers key questions when it comes to marketing to millennials and cause marketing, including:

  • How do you communicate your company’s mission without sounding preachy? (B’More Organic was founded on a deeper mission so Amanda has had great experience with communicating the brands story in a way that engages customers).
  • What should brands design their packaging in order to engage millennials? (If you look at B’More’s packaging, it could be your first insight – but Amanda walks us through the thought process and approach they used in arriving at their current design that was recently launched)
  • What are the best campaigns to build awareness around your cause marketing? (Trick question. As you’ll hear from Amanda, genuine cause marketing is about much more than a single campaign or leveraging philanthropy to increase goodwill – which is why B’More Organic has been able to raise a staggering amount of funds for Jodi’s Climb for Hope.)

Listen on the FMN website!


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