bmore organic

Our Story

My wife Jennifer and I started this journey in 2010 when we returned home from a fundraising trip to Iceland for Jodi’s Climb for Hope, where we were introduced to skyr. With a blender and a dream, we wanted to make it easier for Americans to eat better. Popular brands pump added sugars and artificial ingredients into the food we feed families and ourselves. So we knew we wanted to change that but didn’t know how.

We were hoping a high protein grab & go meal with no added sugar would help take a bite out of disease, just like we try to do with Jodi’s Climb for Hope. We decided to make organic skyr smoothies with as little ingredients as possible. Together, we began producing one bottle at a time, placing each on label by hand and delivering to local yoga studios, climbing gyms and our friends.


This week we loaded up tractor-trailers of our Icelandic yogurt smoothies and delivered them to over 1,200 new stores across America. There are no words to describe how excited we are! From California across to Georgia, we’re adding major supermarket retailers, like Kroger, Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods — getting closer to our vision of helping ALL Americans eat better to B’more Healthy.

New Look

Along with this expansion we decided to evolve our image with a bold new logo and clean design. Our fresh elevated image reflects our progress and growth of our dream into reality. Yet, what’s inside the bottle – under 10 organic ingredients, remains the same.

We hope you enjoy and join us on this journey.

Thanks & B’more,
Andrew & Jennifer Buerger

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