Since organic skim milk is our main ingredient, we set out to find the best skim milk money could buy. When we discovered Lancaster County in central Pennsylvania, we knew our search was over. There were many experienced organic dairy farmers, ensuring a plentiful supply.

Our simple philosophy is that healthier grazing cows produce healthier and better milk and since nature created the cow as a grass-grazing machine, all a farmer needs to do is follow nature’s simple user manual.

Less than one percent of the dairy farms in the U.S. have grass-fed herds and true organic cows produce less milk than the factory herds, but the trade-off in terms of quality, flavor and, above all, health more than justifies the higher cost. The difference in taste is immediately evident even if you’re not a milk sommelier. We treat our milk as a precious commodity. Because every time milk is heated during pasteurization its quality is compromised, we start making our product with raw milk and pasteurize it only once as we prepare each batch. This gentle method preserves the milk’s quality by avoiding double pasteurization. For city dwellers, our skyr might be the closest thing to fresh organic cow’s milk that they’ll ever tasteā€¦

We chose our farmers carefully to make sure they good stewards of our earth, and you can taste it.

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