I tagged along on my husband’s fundraising trip with Jodi’s Climb for Hope to Iceland in June 2009. My wonderful, but lactose-intolerant husband, is a protein freak. For breakfast, our guide gave us granola with some yogurt-like product. I cringed when my husband consumed it, especially in a tent. Surprisingly, he was fine.

Our guide, Ivar, said it wasn’t yogurt, but rather “skyr” and showed me the nutritional content of one 6 oz serving—22 g protein, 0 fat and only 6 g of sugar. That’s much better more protein and less sugar than an American cup of yogurt. He told me that the healthy bacteria consume much of the lactose. Everywhere we went they served skyr: smoothies at the Blue Lagoon to dessert with berries in fine restaurants. It’s basically the national food of Iceland, the country with the second longest life span.

When we got back to the states, I saw that skyr was hard to find. I wanted to be able to provide Americans with an easy to consume healthy protein and bring back a piece of Iceland. I wanted to recreate the Blue Lagoon fruit smoothies but with 30 g of protein and no added sugar. B’more Organic was born.

We hope you find our skyr products as tasty, wholesome and nutritious as we found in Iceland.

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