about b’more organic

B’more Organic is an organic food company based on skyr, an Icelandic style yogurt. Our foundation is based on local, family-owned and operated sustainable farming. We translated our passion for healthy living, fundraising, and environmental stewardship into a business selling easy to consume, great-tasting organic foods that are the perfect proportion of protein to carbohydrates.

b’more healthy

We’ll provide the healthiest of organic food products based on Skyr and never add sugar.

b’more giving

We’ll donate 1% of sales to Jodi’s Climb for Hope.

b’more green

We’ll use organic, sustainable ingredients with milk from grass-fed cows.

Our Story


While in Iceland on a fundraising climbing expedition, our guide Ivar gave us skyr (/skeer/), a yogurt-like drink. The protein-rich smoothie we had on the mountain was nourishing, convenient, and tasted great! Upon returning home, we knew we had to make our own to share for your journeys. Our skyr smoothie is made with organic milk from grass-fed cows and has no added sugar. And, 1% of sales support Jodi’s Climb for Hope, funding MS and breast cancer research. That’s healthy convenience with a conscience.





“We want to help all Americans eat better to be more healthy.”

andrew buerger, founder

our farms

Our simple philosophy is that healthier grazing cows produce healthier and better milk and since nature created the cow as a grass-grazing machine, all a farmer needs to do is follow nature’s simple user manual.

True organic cows produce less milk than the factory herds, but the trade-off in terms of quality, flavor and, above all, health more than justifies the higher cost. The difference in taste is immediately evident even if you’re not a milk sommelier. We treat our milk as a precious commodity. We start making our product with raw milk and pasteurize it only once as we prepare each batch. This gentle method preserves the milk’s quality by avoiding double pasteurization.

We’re fortunate to partner with Trickling Springs Dairy to source organic grass-fed milk in addition to supporting about 5-7 sustainable family farmers doing a terrific job taking care of their cows by pasture feeding their cows and grass feeding them during the rest of the year.