A Video Conversation with Andrew Buerger, Founder of B’more Organic- Part 1


Andrew Buerger is the founder of B’more Organic, an organic food and beverage company headquartered in Baltimore. The smoothies that make up B’more Organic’s flagship product line are based on an Icelandic style yogurt called skyr, which—in contrast with conventional dairy products—has more protein, less sugar, and no fat. The substance’s unique bacteria culture makes it suitable for people sensitive to lactose. Andrew came up with the idea for the company after trying skyr during a fundraising climbing expedition in Iceland. As a certified B Corporation, B’more Organic has pledged to meet strict social and environmental standards of sustainability, accountability, and transparency. B’more Organic also supports MS and breast cancer research by donating 1% of its sales to Jodi’s Climb for Hope.

Tell us about starting B’more Organic.


ANDREW BUERGER: I’ve been a health nut for a long time. Unfortunately, my father died when he was only 58 years old—I was 31—of heart disease. He had a bypass at 46 and later developed heart disease again and died during heart surgery. I was 31 years old. At that time, I was about 20 pounds overweight—already taking statin drugs at age 25. I just kind of thought that was my fate as well.

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