June 3, 2016

Values to the Core

Walking into grocery stores today, you will be surrounded by an extensive amount of health products. Each brand focused on generating a profit to benefit their company. B’more Organic is different. We focus on using our profit to improve the community in more than one way, to “B’more Healthy, B’more Giving, B’more Green.”

With our roots in Baltimore, we have worked to not only improve the health of the community but to make a positive social and environmental impact. B’more Organic was created with the core values of promoting health, charitable giving, and environmental sustainability.

Here at B’more, we strive to use the success and growth of our brand to give back to the community. By encouraging people to eat better we are able to support other causes that affect many. The bigger B’more Organic gets on a national level, the more money is channeled to fund breast cancer and multiple sclerosis research, as 1% of sales goes to John’s Hopkins Hospital research efforts.

In order to B’more Green, we strive to make a positive environmental impact in both our production and distribution. Our smoothies are made with organic, sustainable ingredients with milk from happy grass-fed cows on fourth generation family farms.

We pride ourselves on being a company founded on social responsibility. The profit our smoothies generate is recycled back into the community in order to establish a healthier, happier, and cleaner society.