December 13, 2016

It Takes a Village – Reflecting on Rachael Ray & Winning On-Deck Contest with Barbara Corcoran

As the sun set Friday, I called it a week at the office. It was finally quiet. I said to my co-worker, “the week is over, and what an amazing one it was.”

It’s not every week the founder of a small business gets to pitch his/her wares on a national TV show like The Rachael Ray Show. Nor, do we often win $10,000 and the opportunity to sit down and talk with Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank for free advice.

The exposure made our phones ring off the hook and lit up social media. It was a frantic and very fun week.

Leaving the office, I reflected on the journey that got us here. So many people pitched in to get us started and enable us to be the fastest growing organic protein drink in the nation. Our crazy team, friends, vendors, and organic dairy farmers are the people who have gotten us this far. We’ve sacrificed so much and to be on The Rachael Ray Show with Barbara and Curtis Stone was validation that we’re a real company.

We also hastily organized a party to watch the show that was previously taped a few weeks ago. Our friends made the evening so festive. Thank you Pixilated Photobooth & Gundalow Gourmet for making that happen.

After all this craziness and excitement, I reflected on a moment Tuesday the evening after a long day. Too pumped to sleep, I checked our B’more Organic Facebook page before going to bed at 10:30pm. Right then someone messaged us about where to get our products and what their ingredients were. She was going to have bariatric surgery and couldn’t find a good source of high protein without sugar or added chemicals that she was allergic to. She was so excited to hear about us on Rachael Ray. After looking at our 5 simple ingredients she texted back, “Thank you for making this. You may have saved my life”.

Helping people b’more healthy is why we do what we do. We received a dozen emails that morning with similar content – that there’s not a product on the market today with the health features as ours and no harmful ingredients. Getting the word out to these people was the real benefit to our big week.

Thank you, everyone.

-Andrew Buerger