February 7, 2017

Our First Sponsorship: Hopkins Lax

Growing up in Baltimore, I watched Johns Hopkins dominate the national lacrosse scene. Jennifer and I started our smoothie business out of our home, whipping up smoothies just down the street from the Hopkins campus in our kitchen, wanting to get our smoothies into the hands of our neighbors around town. We knew, however, our ultimate “goal” was to make a convenient, healthy protein drink and make it available to people across the country.

Starting early 2017, B’more Organic officially begins our first sponsorship in our own backyard with; you guessed it, Johns Hopkins!

It was a such thrill to receive an email from the Johns Hopkins Lacrosse program, one of the most storied organizations in college history, asking us to be provide our grab and go smoothies for their student athletes coinciding with their new nutrition program. So, this partnership is huge for us – for our Baltimore-based protein company to be in a position to help the legendary college lacrosse program raise ­­their competitiveness in the Big 10 Conference. And, with being in the Big 10, this will help get the word out on the national stage to many other universities as their students and families travel to Baltimore and learn about our organic protein smoothies that have no added sugar – perhaps even having our new commercial spot air on ESPN.

It means so much that the legendary coach, Dave Pietramala has this to say about us: “We are thrilled to partner with B’more Organic and have been very pleased with the service and products that have been provided for our student-athletes. Providing our men’s and women’s lacrosse players with an essential and healthy nutrition option is a high priority; achieving our goals in this area with a Baltimore-based company was also important to us and we are thankful for the relationship we have established with B’more Organic.”

Hopkins heard about our smoothies from their teams’ nutritionist, Sue James, who said “B’more Organic is a great recovery beverage for our athletes. It refuels and replenishes their muscles post workout with a balanced protein/carbohydrate combination that our high level athletes need.”

This sponsorship really hits home for me because B’more Organic and our nonprofit, Jodi’s Climb for Hope, supports the breast cancer and MS researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine. When my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, I discovered the most progressive research was happening a few miles down the road. Now 10 years later, our relationship with Hopkins has come full circle. We’re so appreciative to have this opportunity with our esteemed neighbors and excited to provide the student athletes with our smoothies – taking a bite out of disease one step at a time.


photo: c/o @hopkinsathletics