February 14, 2018

Letter from the Founder

As an entrepreneur, I spend a lot of time listening to our customer. I depend upon their voices to set the direction for improvement and change. From the comments we have received in stores, at promotional events, via email, and over social media, we noticed one theme in particular: “We love your organic smoothies…”

Then comes the dreaded but…

“We can’t finish a whole bottle”.

We are so proud of how consistently and ardently our customers love our organic smoothies. “They taste great and the macros are incredible. But it’s just too much”.

My problem is that even though I talk a good game about disruption and change, I was emotionally attached and found it  difficult to let go of the original size and branding of the bottle that started it all. My team convinced me that it was our responsibility to give our customers what they wanted. And I have to say, my team was right.

The new, smaller size bottle is absolutely perfect. It is a more appropriate size for everything we’ve packed into our high protein, no added sugar smoothies and a more convenient way to consume clean nutrients on the go. The new labels are beautiful, efficiently communicating what’s inside the bottle, and the story of how it came to be.

We hope you will be just as impressed as I am with the new look and size of the New BMORE. While the name pays homage to our hometown of Baltimore, we wanted to highlight the origin and mission of our company. My wife and I discovered skyr while on a climbing expedition in the mountains of Iceland. You’ll still see that mountain design you’ve come to expect from our brand on our new bottles.

B’more Organic continues to donate 1% of its sales to Jodi’s Climb for Hope, our non-profit that raises funds for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and breast cancer research by climbing mountains around the world.

We would love to hear your thoughts on our new label and bottle!

As always, we encourage you to B-MORE today and every day. Keep on climbing!